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The Wow Factor: Why the Hamners’ Magic Show is Classic Compared to Modern Competitors

We all love to be entertained. The earliest recorded theatre goes back to 2,000 BCE in Ancient Egypt, in which Passion Plays featuring the god Osiris were often performed. During this same time, theatres all over the world were constructed and patrons frequented them often.

Other recorded theatres date back to the 5th century in Athens, Greece. The Theatre of Dionysus, built near the Acropolis, was considered such a hit, theatres like it were replicated and built all over the land.  The first known actor/singer in history was named Thepsis of Icaria. He was the first person to actually sing and speak lines of individual performers, creating a new revolution in what had previously been theatre. He would later become the first known actor to perform in written plays. His work was so influential that his name is still used today. Actors are often referred to as “Thespians” after Thespis the actor.

Modern Thespians

For thousands of years, we have sought to tell stories through drama and music. As patrons, we have welcomed these stories and relished in the total experience – both from the excitement of attending and the actual performance.

Today, you can find modern Thespians performing incredible acts in Hamners Variety Theatre. This theatre, nestled in the Ozark hills of Branson, Missouri, is home to six different shows that feature live music, comedy, daring feats, aerial acrobatics and world-class magic. 

But is this theatre just like all the others found in Branson? 

Hamners Variety Theatre Speaks For Itself

In a city founded on entertainment, it can sometimes seem difficult to stand out – so many twinkling lights along the 76 to grab your attention. But customer testimonials and awards speak for themselves. 

Tripadvisor awarded Hamners the Certificate of Excellence, stating that it exemplifies the best in magic and family entertainment. 

Yelp had similar things to say. 

World renown magicians Siegfried and Roy have bestowed their own award – The Bronze Lion Head Award – to the Hamners’ magic show. 

And even the behemoth network NBC said that Hamners had “The most amazing act in all of magic.” 

And that doesn’t even cover the rave reviews for the music, comedy and overall experience. 

They have been awarded Entertainer of the Year, Best Production Show, Best Family Show and Best Magic Show by Branson Show Awards. 

If you would like to experience Hamners Variety Show for yourself, contact us today. If you’re looking for a holiday family experience, book your tickets now for the best seats! 

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At Hamners’, there are six amazing shows to choose from – the Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show, Thank You for the Music – A Modern Tribute to ABBA, Beach Boys California Dreamin’, Back to the Bee Gees, the Magnificent Music Variety Show, and Mike Walker Lasting Impressions. With so many different shows to choose from for your family, why choose just one? 

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