Why Hamners’ Variety Theater is the Top Night Out for the Entire Family!

Are you looking for a show that has a little bit of everything- daring acrobats, a sprinkle of magic and illusion and a dash of comedy? 

Welcome to Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show!

Located in the Ozark mountains, Branson, Missouri has become known for its scenic beauty, its award-winning theme parks and yes – its array of music shows and acts. But if you’re a family – especially with kids of varying ages and interests – you may be concerned about finding something that will please the whole clan. Welcome to Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show

Magic Even Merlin Would Approve 

A little sleight of hand. One minute the coin is there, the next, a parrot takes its place. This magic show is sure to please the biggest skeptics. In fact, this show has been praised by world-renowned magicians for it’s skill. 

Winner of The Bronze Lion Head Award – Siegfried and Roy present this award to performers they deem exceptional. 

Magic Master’s Award – This award is presented by an online magic convention, the Magic Master Summit. 

Merlin Award by the International Musician’s Society – this is the largest organization of magic. This prestigious award honors fantastic musicians. Past recipients include Siegfriend and Roy, Doug Henning, and David Copperfield. 

This family-friendly show will make your kids giggle and watch with wonder as things appear and disappear before their eyes. 

Music to Make Every Toe Tap

It wouldn’t be a family show without a little music. Recipient of the Terry Music Award for Humanitarians of the Year, 2016, Hamners’ music is full of modern hits and old classics. Combine this with a dazzling light show and electrifying costumes, and you’ve got a concert unfolding right in front of you.  This show combines the best of music, singing, dance, and all the dazzle that Branson has to offer. 

Acrobats and Aerial Feats 

Ukrainian aerialists Mariya Serykh and the Cyr Wheel of Anthony Soumiatin, offer a whole other level of awe to the show. They defy gravity as they ride and fly though the Cyr Wheel or elegantly climb up and spin down ribbons from the ceiling. 

Book Your Fun at  Hamners’ Variety Show Today

At Hamners’, there are seven amazing shows to choose from – the Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show, Thank You for the Music – A Modern Tribute to ABBA, Beach Boys California Dreamin’, Back to the Bee Gees, Mike Walker Lasting Impressions, Statler Brothers Revisited, and Oh Happy Day! With so many different shows to choose from for your family, why choose just one? 

If you’re looking for a reason for a family vacation to Branson, look no further. Simply call 417-334-4363 or click here for more information.