dave and denise hamner

Take A Look At Our Top Acts in the Hamners Variety Theatre

Hamners’ Variety Show is a long-revered magic act located in Branson, Missouri. Having been proclaimed exceptional by Siegfried and Roy via receiving the Bronze Lion Head Award-there is no room for amateur performance in this show series of amazement and mystery. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about all six featured shows/associated acts of Hamners Variety Theatre.

What We Do!

Hamners Unbelievable Variety Theatre is an entertainment circuit fraught with magic, mystery, class act laughs, and musical entertainment. There is something for everybody once the lights dim, and the show begins. 

We Have Six Incredible Shows!

Dave and Denise Hamner themselves present the entire production while also working in their renowned magic act built on classic levels of illusion and mystery. 

Along with our famed couple, we have acclaimed musician and impressionist Jeff Brandt in his act that, you guessed it, focuses on celebrity impressions and entertaining musical covers. Along with Jeff’s incredible skill set, we’ve partnered Tamara Tinoco with her award-winning vocal abilities and dance routines choreographed by Kenny Brown and Sharie Nievar.

As if fun tunes and mysterium weren’t enough, we’ll add in our Russian aerialist Mariya Serykh and the Cyr Wheel expertise of Anthony Soumiatin. Beauty and amazement fly through the air as we witness the fruit of her arduous work and training. 

Finally, to top off an incredible night of entertainment, we offer our family favored and friendly Eastern Lowland Mountain Gorilla, Gakita, and all of our lovely feathered friends! 

Not only is our entire six-act show series family-friendly, but we offer award-winning entertainment because we only provide the finest of entertainment opportunities. 

Book Your Next Family Fun Night at Hamners’ Variety Show 

At Hamners’, there are six amazing shows to choose from. With so many different shows to choose from for your family, why choose just one? Come to our entire circuit, and you will not be disappointed. 

If you’re looking for a reason for a family vacation to Branson, look no further. Call 417-334-4363 or click here for more information.