Silhouette of magician with a wand

4 Famous Magicians and Their Iconic Illusions

There have been many famous magicians throughout history, and we remember them for their iconic tricks that continue to amaze audiences today. Here are four famous magicians and the popular illusions that helped make them household names.

Harry Blackstone Sr and Jr. With the Dancing Handkerchief and Floating Lightbulb

Harry Blackstone Sr., nicknamed The Great Blackstone, was a famous magician who performed into the 1950s. His son, Harry Backstone Jr., was also a famous magician who followed in his father’s footsteps. 

Two of their most famous tricks included the dancing handkerchief, where the Blackstones made a borrowed handkerchief dance around the stage. For the floating lightbulb, the magicians seemingly levitated a lightbulb that was able to glow without being attached to any sort of power source.

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Harry Houdini & Metamorphosis

Harry Houdini is known for his famous escape tricks, but one of his most popular, and the one that made him well-known, was the metamorphosis trick. This was usually performed with his wife, Bess.

For the trick, Houdini was bound with ropes, placed inside a large bag, and locked inside a trunk. His wife would close a curtain, and in a matter of seconds Houdini would appear from behind the curtain, completely released. He would then unlock the trunk, revealing his wife bound and in the bag inside.

Penn & Teller and Their Bullet Catch Trick

Though this trick has been performed by many famous magicians, it was one of Penn and Teller’s most notable performances. In the trick, a bullet is marked with a special identifier, then loaded into a gun. One person fires the gun at the other, who appears to catch the marked bullet between their teeth. To make the illusion more realistic, an object (like a piece of glass) would be placed in the middle and shot through to show a live bullet was actually fired.

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David Blaine & Regurgitating Frogs

David Blaine is known for his unusual forms of street magic, but one of his craziest tricks to date is his ability to regurgitate live frogs out of his stomach. He was inspired by a man from Liberia who was a water spouter. He could fill his entire stomach up with water, then regurgitate the water back up to use later. This was a survival technique for him because the well was far from his poor village, and it sped up the process of carrying water back and forth.

Blaine learned how to fill his stomach with water similarly and practiced sword-swallowing tricks. By the end, he was able to fill his stomach with water, swallow a live frog, and then regurgitate the live frog in front of an audience. 

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