Magic wand resting on magician hat

5 Props Essential for Any Magician

So you want to be a magician? If you are elbows deep in how-to guides ready to learn the basics of magic, you also need to make sure you have the proper tools on hand. What tools you use will depend a lot on what type of story you are trying to convey to your audience. Here are five common props that are essential for any magician.

1. Wand or Other Pointy Object

A magic wand is a fun prop very important to misdirection. Misdirection occurs when a magician gets the audience to focus on one object or direction while they perform a sleight-of-hand trick in the other. If the audience is focused enough on the direction, they will miss how the trick is done, and thus magical moment occurs.

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2. Coins, Balls, or Dice

Small items like coins, balls, or dice are great for small audiences and one-on-one tricks since they might be more difficult to see from a stage. So if you are just starting out learning magic, these are great magic props to master. Since the objects are fairly small, it might be easy to learn beginner sleight-of-hand tricks.

3. Cards

Card tricks are popular with just about any audience, so learning common card tricks is a must. Luckily, regular playing cards are inexpensive to purchase, and you may even want multiple decks for backup. There are a lot of beginner card tricks you can learn fairly quickly that will still be amazing enough to leave your audience impressed!

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4. Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs are colorful, lightweight, and easy to store in small spaces, making them a popular prop for new magicians. They are another great tool for misdirection since colorful handkerchiefs can be pulled out of sleeves, pockets, or hats. A wavy handkerchief can easily may your audience look in one direction while you complete your trick, leaving everyone stunned.

5. Hat

Speaking of hats, no magician is complete without a trusty hat. Hats aren’t just for style. They are another prop to be used as part of a show and another chance for misdirection. Hats can be another fun addition to the storyline as well, since everyone loves to see what a magician can pull out of their hat!

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