hamners christmas spectacular show

The Hamners Christmas Spectacular Season Is Here!

Every November and December the Hamners Unbelievable Variety Show features Branson’s best Christmas magic show: Hamners Christmas Spectacular. Gather around as your favorite Branson Magic Show characters let down their hair and enjoy the joy of the holiday season. In today’s blog, our team at Hamners Unbelievable Variety Show will cover all of the family-friendly fun to be had at the Hamners Christmas Spectacular. 

The Whimsical Branson Magic Show

The lights, sounds, and laughter we all know and love in the holiday seasons finds its way into our whimsical Branson magic show. Our team at Hamners Unbelievable understands that it can be incredibly difficult to find appropriate family fun in the holiday season. 

Accommodating all ages requires creativity, and a bit of sleight of hand, and that is exactly what we can give them!

Hamners Unbelievable Variety Show At Its Finest

The first half of our Christmas Spectacular Show features the Hamners Unbelievable Variety Show at its finest. We feature our beloved mysterious illusions, sleight of hand, and moments of wonder in the first half of the show. 

Our second half is pure imagination, whimsy, joy, and fun as we lead into our Christmas special created just for the enjoyment of our loyal patrons. 

Music, Joy, And Laughter, And Magic?!

This holiday season music knits together all of our incredible events. The melodic and whimsically powerful vocals of Dave Hamner, Jeff Brandt, and Tamra Tinoco are featured in the Hamners Christmas Spectacular. 

Dave Hamner explores the memory of the magic in Christmas by featuring beloved toys of his memory and using magic to bring them to life right in front of our eyes. Our finale will have you applauding on your feet with stars in your eyes. Why? Because it’s Christmas! 

Tune In For The Hamners Christmas Spectacular

If you like a lively holiday season, then stay tuned for the Hamners’ Unbelievable Christmas Show! 

We love to bring the same amazement, laughs, and enjoyment to our holiday show that we provide in our staple shows. Book your tickets in advance to assure your family can be seated together because this event fills up quickly! For current shows in Branson, Missouri call 417-334-4363 or click here for more information.