Dave and Denise Hamner in the Spotlight: Creating The Magic Show

Magic, laughter, music, and assorted family fun; this is what the Hamners’ Variety Show is all about! But who runs it? And what are they about? Well, let us introduce you! In today’s blog, we’ll introduce Dave and Denise Hamner and talk a bit about how Hamners has evolved into the family fun experience it is today.

Dave And Denise Hamner

Our couple in the spotlight includes Dave and Denise Hamner this month as the heads of the Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show. Long before establishing their brand at the Hamners’ Variety Show they were acclaimed internationally through their acts:

  • Disneyland
  • Hollywood’s Magic Castle
  • Their Headlining Show in Las Vegas, Nevada 

On top of their dedication to their evening shows to the public, Dave Hamner is an ordained pastor and provides outreach throughout Branson, Missouri in his Sunday Gospel Service. 

The goal of this entertainment staple couple is to provide an unforgettable experience for their viewers, but to also care for the locals they work with. Their dedication to their show and people reveal it, and their established history proves it.

Magic Through The Years

Dave and Denise Hamner are world-class magicians who believe magic should be done through illusion and mystique. The crazy light shows and loud music of modern times are too much for those who believe in the time-consuming artform this incredible couple works to deliver in each of their shows. 

It has paid off too, because Dave and Denise carry multiple awards in magic including:

  • Bronze Lion Head Award from Siegfried and Roy themselves
  • Magic Master’s Award through the Magic Master Summit
  • Merlin Award by the International Magician’s Society

Not only have our incredible duo of a magic team received these prestigious awards in their industry, but they are adored by the Branson, Missouri locals. It truly is a treat to visit their show filled with live animal interaction, music interpretation from associated acts, and more. 

Stay Tuned For A Sneak Peek At Our Christmas Show

If you like a lively holiday season, then stay tuned for the Hamners’ Unbelievable Christmas Show! 

We love to bring the same amazement, laughs, and enjoyment to our holiday show that we provide in our staple shows. Check out our blog next month on the Hamners’ Unbelievable Christmas Show, so you can be prepared for the holiday show season. 

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