A Classic Take on Magic: The Difference in Experiencing The Hamners Magic Show Vs. Local Competitors

The world of entertainment is constantly adapting to the latest trends and ‘wow’ factors. Consumption has never been more prevalent, especially during the pandemic when streaming services were at an all-time high. 

Yet, classic entertainment seems to be thriving through and retaining long-standing clientele. Hamners Unbelievable Variety Theater is one of these traditional entertainment options. In today’s blog, we’ll explore the appeal of a classic magic show and why Hamners Magic Show stands out from local competitors. 

Amazement As An Artform

Before technology, electronics, and smoke screens became a classic method of portraying illusion, there was sleight of hand, carefully practiced routines, and synchronization between a magician and his assistant. 

Magic is about grace, talent, and craft that is established through hard work. The magicians of Branson, Missouri, have this work ethic, but their styles of portrayal all vary. Hamners Unbelievable Magic Show focuses specifically on a classic kind of magic rooted in sleight of hand, illusion, ventriloquism, and implementations of the associated acts for music and entertainment. 

It is pure family fun. What magic should be. Dave and Denise Hamner have both a Bronze Lion Head Award and a Merlin Award for their work ethic, style, and execution of their artform. 

Complementary Acts

The best way to partner illusion with reality is to incorporate various acts into one show. This allows the audience to continuously adapt their focus, which increases the amazement factor of their experience. 

This is why Jeff Brandt, Tamara Tinoco, Kenny Brown, Mariya Serykh, Kathryn King and the Cyr Wheel expertise of Anthony Soumiatin, and more amazing artists have all been incorporated into the show. Adding variety to the experience allows for long-lasting nostalgia to settle into the minds of our audience members. 


Hamners Unbelievable Variety Theatre, especially Hamners Magic Show, offers an affordable and family-friendly experience that truly cannot be beaten. While all of Branson Magic comes with fame and experience, no other act in town can say they have a gorilla on staff or two renowned magician awards associated with their name. 

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