Evolution of Illusionist Theater From the 1800s Until Now

Illusionist with flying doves

Illusionist theater has always been a popular form of entertainment. For centuries, audiences have been mesmerized by the tricks and illusions that magicians perform on stage. From the 1800s until now, illusionist theater has undergone significant changes in terms of both presentation and technology.  The magic and mystery of these performances have evolved to become […]

The Rich, Vibrant History of Magic Tricks & Illusions

Dave Hamner Solo on Stage

Magic and illusionists have a rich history, one that Dave and Denise Hamner are proud to build on this tradition with modern and new takes on classic illusions. Explore the history of magic with us! Related Post: Magic With Heart at Our Branson Variety Show First Recorded Magic Tricks We have to look at an […]