An Alluring Performance: The Role of Costumes for Illusionists in Magic Shows

Hamners Cast in Various Colorful Costumes

Costumes play a crucial role in the art of illusion. They provide an alluring visual effect that brings the audience into the performance and helps to create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. Costumes can also influence how the audience perceives the magician and how they connect with a character.  Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Theater explores […]

Evolution of Illusionist Theater From the 1800s Until Now

Illusionist with flying doves

Illusionist theater has always been a popular form of entertainment. For centuries, audiences have been mesmerized by the tricks and illusions that magicians perform on stage. From the 1800s until now, illusionist theater has undergone significant changes in terms of both presentation and technology.  The magic and mystery of these performances have evolved to become […]

4 Famous Magicians and Their Iconic Illusions

Silhouette of magician with a wand

There have been many famous magicians throughout history, and we remember them for their iconic tricks that continue to amaze audiences today. Here are four famous magicians and the popular illusions that helped make them household names. Harry Blackstone Sr and Jr. With the Dancing Handkerchief and Floating Lightbulb Harry Blackstone Sr., nicknamed The Great […]

5 Props Essential for Any Magician

Magic wand resting on magician hat

So you want to be a magician? If you are elbows deep in how-to guides ready to learn the basics of magic, you also need to make sure you have the proper tools on hand. What tools you use will depend a lot on what type of story you are trying to convey to your […]

Magic Is One Part Entertainment and One Part Misdirection, But Totally Fun!

Magician holding playing cards

Human beings are drawn to magic and illusions, which often leave us wondering how they are done. But it turns out most magic tricks are a combination of entertainment and misdirection. Related Post: Why Do We Love Magic Shows So Much? Entertainment The primary goal of a magician is to entertain. That’s why Dave and […]

Recapping Our Favorite Fictional Magicians of All Time

Book Opening With Fantasy Theme

While we love to celebrate our real-life magicians, sometimes it’s fun to think about our favorite fictional magical characters and the books that bring them to life for us. Here are some of our favorite fictional magicians of all time. Related Post: Top Five Books On Learning Magic For Beginners Gandalf Gandalf the Grey (and […]

Top Five Books on Learning to Do Magic for Beginners

Illusionists on Stage at Hamners

It’s no surprise that after a fantastic magic show, people are inspired to learn to perform tricks of their own. There are many books out there that make great resources for anyone interested in beginner’s magic. If you want to wave your hands and disappear into the world of illusions and sleight-of-hand tricks, check out […]

The Rich, Vibrant History of Magic Tricks & Illusions

Dave Hamner Solo on Stage

Magic and illusionists have a rich history, one that Dave and Denise Hamner are proud to build on this tradition with modern and new takes on classic illusions. Explore the history of magic with us! Related Post: Magic With Heart at Our Branson Variety Show First Recorded Magic Tricks We have to look at an […]

Why Do We Love Magic Shows So Much?

Illusionists on Stage at Hamners

Magic tricks and illusions have been around for millennia, dating back 4,700 years. So, why do we as humans enjoy watching illusions even when we know it’s a trick? We’ll explore why our medium is so popular, now more than ever. Related Post: Magic With Heart at Our Branson Variety Show Seeing the World With […]