Making Music At Hamners Variety Show: California Boys Dreamin’, ABBA, and More!


In the Hamners Variety Theater, we believe everybody belongs and deserves to groove. This is why we offer so many incredible music and show options. We don’t want anyone to feel left out from the party. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about a few of our shows that focus on energetic music performances and comedic […]

Why Hamners’ Variety Theater is the Top Night Out for the Entire Family!


Are you looking for a show that has a little bit of everything- daring acrobats, a sprinkle of magic and illusion and a dash of comedy?  Welcome to Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show! Located in the Ozark mountains, Branson, Missouri has become known for its scenic beauty, its award-winning theme parks and yes – its array […]