Join Us for Hamners’ New Year’s Eve Fiesta

This New Year’s Eve in Branson, there is no better way for you and your family to wind up this stressful past year than to laugh, dance and sing the night away at Hamners’ New Year’s Eve Fiesta Party. Ring in 2023 with incredible live entertainment. Not only will we serve up an extra special […]

Christmas Shows in Branson Are Special Times at Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Theater

branson christmas holiday show

Christmas is a special time of year for shows in Branson. Theaters, including Hamners’ Variety, go all-out for the season with special performances for two months every November and December.  Hamners’ still has our regular slate of shows during the holidays. But our Christmas Spectacular turns our illusions, magic, and variety show into a winter […]

Magic With Heart at Our Branson Variety Show


Dave and Denise Hamner have been wowing audiences with illusions for decades. The illusions may change. The act will evolve with the times. But one thing has remained the same: Nothing is better than wowing an audience, whether it’s a 2-year-old toddler watching with childlike wonder or a 102-year-old great-great-grandfather awed by something he’s never […]

Dave and Denise Hamner in the Spotlight: Creating The Magic Show


Magic, laughter, music, and assorted family fun; this is what the Hamners’ Variety Show is all about! But who runs it? And what are they about? Well, let us introduce you! In today’s blog, we’ll introduce Dave and Denise Hamner and talk a bit about how Hamners has evolved into the family fun experience it […]

A Classic Take on Magic: The Difference in Experiencing The Hamners Magic Show Vs. Local Competitors


The world of entertainment is constantly adapting to the latest trends and ‘wow’ factors. Consumption has never been more prevalent, especially during the pandemic when streaming services were at an all-time high.  Yet, classic entertainment seems to be thriving through and retaining long-standing clientele. Hamners Unbelievable Variety Theater is one of these traditional entertainment options. […]

Take A Look At Our Top Acts in the Hamners Variety Theatre

dave and denise hamner

Hamners’ Variety Show is a long-revered magic act located in Branson, Missouri. Having been proclaimed exceptional by Siegfried and Roy via receiving the Bronze Lion Head Award-there is no room for amateur performance in this show series of amazement and mystery. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about all six featured shows/associated acts of Hamners Variety […]