Illusionists on Stage at Hamners

Why Do We Love Magic Shows So Much?

Magic tricks and illusions have been around for millennia, dating back 4,700 years. So, why do we as humans enjoy watching illusions even when we know it’s a trick?

We’ll explore why our medium is so popular, now more than ever.

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Seeing the World With Childlike Wonder

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? As we get older, the memory fades the further we get away from events in our childhood. Every once in a while, adults enjoy seeing the world with childlike wonder and need a gentle reminder. It’s the same reason why parents choose to have children. We get to become kids all over again as we teach our children how to walk, read, ride a bike, and navigate the world like we did when we were younger.

Magic lets us experience our childhood all over again and see our surroundings with a fresh perspective for a little while.

Pure Escapism

Sometimes, we want to get away from real life. Magic tricks, illusions, and a live magic show offer an escape from reality. We get to suspend our disbelief, just as if we’re reading our favorite pirate adventure, watching our favorite movie, or flying down a zipline. Magicians alter your perception and bend the rules of reality to get your mind thinking outside the box. Who knows? Maybe attending a magic show can help you refresh your mind to solve a problem.

We Love a Great Mystery

Mysteries intrigue us. Partially because we can’t know everything, and another part wants us to understand the world around us. Remember playing hide and seek as a kid? It was a mystery where your playmates were hiding, and when you found them you felt the exhilaration and fun of solving the mystery.

When you first start searching for a hider, there are many possibilities. Then you begin to narrow them down in your mind until you find someone. Magic tricks and illusions work in the same way. You’re astonished at the possibilities of how the illusion worked. And when you can’t figure out what happened or how the trick occurred, your mind continues to mull it over, still fascinated by what you experienced.


You’ve heard the expression “thinking outside the box.” Magic and illusions are all about altering your perception of what you see. “Seeing is believing” has no meaning when you sit in front of a skilled illusionist. Your attention is drawn one way and then misdirected to focus on something else right in front of your eyes. And in the end, you’re amazed.

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Get in Touch With Your Inner Child All Over Again

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