Magic With Heart at Our Branson Variety Show

Dave and Denise Hamner have been wowing audiences with illusions for decades. The illusions may change. The act will evolve with the times. But one thing has remained the same: Nothing is better than wowing an audience, whether it’s a 2-year-old toddler watching with childlike wonder or a 102-year-old great-great-grandfather awed by something he’s never seen before in his life.

We call it “Magic With Heart,” and it takes center stage in every performance at our Branson variety show.

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Classic Illusions With Modern Twists

You may have heard the phrase, “There’s no school like the old school.” The Hamners are old-school magicians who aren’t afraid to update their illusions to wow modern audiences. Yes, there are card tricks. Yes, there are people sawed in half, coming out of boxes, and levitating. But have you seen someone try to escape from a stockade and jail cell to prevent someone from falling 15 feet over a pit of deadly spikes?

We invite every one of you to be awed. A supreme compliment we get a lot is, “I couldn’t figure that trick out.” We’ve even had professional magicians attend our shows and say the same thing after attending our magic variety show.

We Want to Leave You With an Emotional Impression

Magic with Heart means leaving a lasting and emotional impression on everyone who walks through our doors. During our presentation, you might experience a range of feelings, all of which will enrich your soul.

Awe. Excitement. Patriotism. Tension. Celebration. Fun. Laughter. Happiness. Joy. Relief.

You’ll go through all of these and leave our show entertained but also understand that you’re part of a larger, shared community as an audience of hundreds who experienced the same types of emotions at the same time. And yet you’ll reflect on our show with your own perspective. You feel like part of a large family and be unique with your own impressions at the same time.

Something for Everyone at Our Magic Variety Show in Branson

Our Branson magic variety show has something for everyone. We have exotic birds who fly over the audience and land on Dave’s arm. Our aerialist will twist and turn through the air. An acrobat will turn on a wheel as if it’s an extension of his arms and legs. We have singing, rope tricks, and a pet gorilla for comedy. 

Our two signature illusions highlight the evening: Vertigo is a bone-chilling escape illusion, and Levimorphosis is a unique levitation above the stage. Nothing compares to seeing these illusions in person.

At the end of each performance, we pay tribute to our veterans in attendance for their courage, sacrifice, and honor in defending the freedoms we enjoy every day in America.

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Magic With Heart in the Heart of America

Denise and Dave welcome you to experience Magic with Heart, especially during the Christmas season, four days a week at 8 p.m. 

Purchase tickets to the only magic and variety show in Branson, where there is never a dull moment. Contact us or call 417-334-4363 for more information. Are you bringing a group of 15 or more? We have group discounts!